TATAA Biocenter Expands Its Next-Generation Sequencing Offerings with LOOP Genomics technology for long-read Illumina sequencing

10th April

TATAA Biocenter Expands Its Next-Generation Sequencing Offerings with LOOP Genomics technology for long-read Illumina sequencing

Göteborg, Sweden – TATAA Biocenter, Europe´s leading provider of genomic services, and LOOP Genomics, inventor of technology for long reads on Illumina sequencer, announce collaboration in Europe, where TATAA will be offering long read Illumina sequencing using LOOP Genomics’s proprietary technology.

“LOOP Genomics technology is a major break-through. It takes 16S sequencing to a new level, and opens up for studies of splice variants, discrimination between cis and trans elements and much more, while taking advantage of the high sequencing accuracy and relative low price of the Illumina sequencers.” says Mikael Kubista, CEO and founder of TATAA Biocenter.

Tony Lialin, Chief Commercial Officer of Loop Genomics stated, “Loop Genomics is thrilled to partner with TATAA Biocenter on extending TATAA’s current NGS offerings. Through TATAAs extensive network and popular training courses, we will have excellent reach making our powerful technology available to the European research community.”

About TATAA Biocenter:

TATAA Biocenter is Europe’s leading provider of nucleic acid analysis services and world’s largest organizer of hands-on training in quantitative real-time PCR and Next Generation Sequencing. TATAA Biocenter offers a seamless workflow for high quality analyses of nucleic acids from experimental design, sample preparation, quality control, and data analysis, meeting the specific requirements for compliance with ISO17025 standard. TATAA is particularly known for its focus on quality, being member of the consortia SPIDIA (www.spidia.eu) and CANCER-ID (www.cancer-id.eu), developing guidelines and standard operating procedures for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. TATAA also co-authored the MIQE guidelines teaching researchers how to report real-time PCR data. Founded in 2001, TATAA Biocenter has laboratories in Gothenburg, Sweden, and in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2013 TATAA Biocenter was presented the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership as Best-in-Class Services for Analyzing Genetic Material and in 2019 TATAA Biocenter was named “Best Nucleic Acid Analysis Service Provider – Europe” by Global Health & Pharma.

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About Loop Genomics:

Founded in late 2015, Loop Genomics is a San Francisco bay area company that has developed a synthetic long read sequencing technology that leverages existing Illumina short read sequencers coupled with LoopSeq™ barcoding technology to enable single-molecule, long-read sequencing on any Illumina infrastructure.  In addition to its microbiome offerings, the company offers various kits and services for long read transcriptome sequencing and long read microbial genome assembly.

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TATAA Biocenter named “Best Nucleic Acid Analysis Service Provider in Europe” by Global Health & Pharma

18th March

Global Health & Pharma, a British information platform supporting a community of over 250,000 in the health, veterinary and environmental areas, has named Swedish service provider TATAA Biocenter AB “Best Nucleic Acid Analysis Service Provider in Europe”.

“We are excited at being the no.1 service provider in Europe. This shows our focus on delivering highest quality results based on careful optimization and quality control combined with our unique offerings based on proprietary technologies when extra sensitivity and specificity is required is paying off.” says Mikael Kubista, CEO and founder of TATAA Biocenter.

TATAA Biocenter has developed Two-Tailed PCR technology, which compared to classical PCR, offers higher sensitivity and specificity analyzing short nucleic acids, such as microRNAs, circulating cell-free DNA, and partially degraded material such as formalin fixed paraffine embedded (FFPE) tissues, archeological and forensic specimen. It also offers advantages for genotyping. Other services are provided based on solutions from TATAA Biocenter’s partners, including Analytic Jena, Arbor Biosciences, ArcticZymes, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad, Brooks, Fluidigm, Gilson, HTG Molecular, Illumina, Lexogen, Loop Genomics, Norgen Biotek, Olink, Roche, Stilla, Swift Biosciences, Thermo Fisher, and Yikon Genomics.

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