microRNA analysis

Learn how to extract and analyze miRNA with appropriate technique!

1 DAY miRNA analysis

Target audience: Researchers interested in analyzing microRNA.

Entrance qualifications: Knowledge about microRNA and molecular analyses.

Description: This course introduces miRNA including its variant forms. Methods to extract and purify microRNA and prepare it for analysis including quality control. Methods for microRNA analysis are presented and compared, to learn how to too choose the best  method for each study. Analysis of microRNA data is also disscussed including challenging normalization. In the course you learn;

  • microRNA background including metabolism and modifications
  • microRNA extraction methods
  • Quality assessment of microRNA
  • microRNA analysis with microarray 3DGene technology, Nanostring, NGS, RT -qPCR methods
  • How to choose the best method for each study
  • Normalization of micro RNA data
  • Data analysis and interpretation