AH Seminar Day


AH Seminar Day Copenhagen on Sept. 6 Join Mikael Kubista’s presentation of Two-Tailed PCR! National and international key opinion leaders will present exciting new data from cutting-edge  research with a variety of scientific presentations. You will also have the opportunity to network  … Continue reading

Biomarkörer i utandningsluft


TATAA inleder samarbete med PExA kring analys av biomarkörer i utandningsluft PExA AB (”PExA”) och TATAA Biocenter har inlett ett samarbete med målsättning att utveckla analysmetoder som möjliggör att nya typer av biomarkörer kan upptäckas med PExAs teknologi. I samarbetet … Continue reading

New metabolic checkpoint described


Researchers including TATAA describe new metabolic checkpoint in Nature Communications. > Alternative assembly of respiratory complex II connects energy stress to metabolic checkpoints

TATAA ska utveckla ultrakänsliga analys


Ultrakänsliga analyser för bättre hälsa och kriminalteknik (ULTRA-UDI) Konsortium innefattande TATAA har erhållit finansiering av Vinnova för att utveckla ultrakänsliga analys, däribland TATAAs Two-tailed PCR teknik, som erbjuder överlägsen känslighet och specificitet. > Read more

Small RNA in bodily fluids


Small RNA in bodily fluids > Research article: Diversity and signature of small RNA in different bodily fluids using next generation sequencing Background: Small RNAs are critical components in regulating various cellular pathways. These molecules may be tissue-associated or circulating in … Continue reading

Molecular microbiological identification and typing


Want to learn about Molecular microbiological identification and typing? Join our 2-days course on the 26-27th of September, in collaboration with RISE! The course provides an overview of techniques and gives advice on how to interpret the complex data that are … Continue reading

Whole transcriptome intracellular profiling of a single cell


The first whole transcriptome intracellular profiling study of a single cell published by TATAA Biocenter researchers in collaboration with BTU, revealing intracellular mRNA, lncRNA and protein gradients that give rise to asymmetric cell division. > Read the publication: Asymmetric distribution of … Continue reading

GenEx presentation on RNA-days


Listen to Dr. Mikael Kubista present GenEx on RNA-days in Gothenburg!

Publication on human oocyte maturation from TATAA Biocenter and coworkers


Human oocyte maturation in vitro is improved by co-culture with cumulus cells from mature oocytes > Read the publication Abstract The conventional method of human oocyte maturation in vitro in the presence of gonadotrophins continues to be a relatively low-success procedure in the assisted conception programme owing to suboptimal … Continue reading

Technical seminar


Assay design & validation for gene expression & SNP genotyping During this seminar, co-organized by TATAA Biocenter AB and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), you will learn about the workflow for proper assay design and validation. We will focus on the … Continue reading