MicroRNA analysis

Microarray analysis of miRNA

TATAA Biocenter is a Certified Service Provider for the 3D-Gene® instrument from Toray Industries.

TATAA Biocenter offers microarray analysis of miRNA on a  novel microarray technology, the 3D-Gene™ from Toray Industries. It provides unprecedented sensitivity and reproducibility for microRNA analysis.

3D-Gene™ DNA chips utilize patented resin slides to minimize background noise and microbead agitation technology to improve hybridization. It’s unique 3D micro column structure define each spot to 100 µm in diameter for increased accuracy. It ensures a 100-fold increase in sensitivity and is ideal for challenging samples and low abundance targets. 3D-Gene™ is thus ideal for analyses of formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. This innovative technology also makes it possible to measure genes expressed at very low levels that might be undetected by other array platforms on the market.

3D-Gene™ Human miRNA chips are constructed using the latest information available from the Wellcome Trust Sanger institute / University of Manchester miRNA database (miRBase).


  • 3D-Gene_Blood miRNA Brochure
  • The black resin substrate substantially decreases background noise and enables the detection of low expression genes that were previously hidden in noise.
  • Fine columnar structure – The adoption of uneven columnar structure for the detection area of substrate enables the stabilization of spot morphology and the acquisition of a uniform detected image.
  • Special surface modification for probe immobilization – Toray’s unique surface treatment technology enables dense and uniform immobilization of probes on the substrate surface to improve detection capability.
  • Bead agitation – By agitating solution on the substrate using microbeads, solution spreads evenly, and reactivity (signal intensity) of detected genes dramatically increases.


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Figure 1. The 3D-Gene instrument and miRNA chip.

Microarray analyses performed at TATAA Biocenter:

  • One or two color mRNA analysis on Human, Mouse, Rat and Yeast samples
  • One color miRNA analysis on Human, Mouse and Rat samples
  • Data analysis and data mining with access to user friendly professional softwares

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