The Use of -omic Technologies for Biomarker Development

26th April

“The Use of -omic Technologies for Biomarker Development” presentation by TATAA SAB member Professor Michael Pfaffl

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Fluidigm Roadshow

23rd April

Meet TATAA at Fluidigm Roadshow in Poznan and Warsaw April 25-26

» Fluidigm Roadshow Poland April 25-26

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MIQE – Digital PCR

23rd April

Consortium with TATAA Biocenter publishes MIQE guidelines for digital PCR

» Guidelines for Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Digital PCR Experiments

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18th April

TATAA partner Exiqon launches mirSearch:

» mirSearch

For TATAA microRNA profiling service, see:

» Service Description – microRNA

Meet TATAA in Malmö

17th April

Meet TATAA in Malmö April 17 at Swedish Labtech educational day and learn about “High throughput, high performance mRNA; microRNA and protein expression Profiling”


EurHEALTHAgeing Website Launched

10th April

European FP7 Project EurHEALTHAgeing, aiming to identify robust markers of cellular senescence and investigate their role in ageing by studying identical twins, has launched their website:

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Join TATAA presentation

9th April

Join TATAA presentation ” High throughput, high performance mRNA; microRNA and protein expression profiling” on Wednesday, April 17 in Malmö

Program – Optimera din labverksamhet 2013

Science Webinar

9th April

Science webinar: Advances in Protein Expression: High Throughput Tools for Improving Analysis

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High throughput protein profiling service at TATAA

Lunch seminar on High-throughput protein profiling

8th April

TATAA Biocenter invites You on Tuesday 16th April to a lunch seminar on High-throughput protein profiling


12:00-12:20 TATAA presents high-throughput qPCR platforms at TATAA

12:20-13:00 Olink Bioscience presents the new PEA technology for sensitive and high-throughput protein expression analysis

Place: Birgit Thilander lecture hall

Date: 16th April 2013

Time: 12:00-13:00

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PhD Student Opening in Prague

5th April

PhD student opening at TATAA/BTU in Prague studying “Nitric oxide signaling during early development and regeneration”.

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