Digital PCR talks

30th September

Digital PCR talks:

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Dr Kubista appointed to expert group

30th September

Dr Mikael Kubista at TATAA Biocenter has been appointed to the expert group that is drafting the guidelines “Molecular in-vitro diagnostic examinations – Specifications for pre-examination processes for selected types of sample” for the European committee for Standardization (CEN)

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The work is based on European project SPIDIA

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Cryopreservation and thawing of cells

26th September

Download a free copy of Current Protocols on “Cryopreservation and thawing of cells” from Biocision

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For more information and prices on CoolCell® Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Containers – Alcohol-free controlled-rate -1℃/minute cell freezing, please contact

CoolCell LX

Nokia Sensing XChallange

25th September

Transforming personal health with sensing

The Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE is a $2.25 million global competition to accelerate the availability of hardware sensors and software sensing technology that individuals use to access, understand, and improve their health and well-being. Innovation in sensing is an important component to creating a means for appealing, usable, smarter digital health solutions.

The Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE will be comprised of two distinct Challenges held between 2013 and 2014. Prize purses totaling $2.25 million will be awarded.

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Droplet digital PCR webinars

25th September

Droplet digital PCR webinar topics range from an introduction to Droplet Digital PCR technology to in-depth discussions on how ddPCR is transforming research in the fields of cancer, genome analysis, gene expression and NGS library validation.

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TATAA Courses Spring 2014

23rd September

The TATAA course schedule for spring 2014 has been released!

Our highly appreciated courses are suitable for researchers, technicians, post-graduate students or anyone that wants to learn more about real-time PCR and real-time PCR related technologies. Most of our courses have both theoretical and practical parts where the participants get to do experiments themselves under experienced supervision. We have a large number of different course modules that are available at different occasion and you may take a full week course or just a single day module. As being a qPCR course provider since 2001 and have trained thousands of satisfied customers we want to share our knowledge with you too.

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» Hands-on qPCR

» Experimental design and statistical data analysis for qPCR

» Sample preparation and quality control of nucleic acids

» Single cell analysis

» Immuno-qPCR (Fall 2013)

» Multiplex PCR (Fall 2013)

» Genotyping with qPCR

» Quality control of qPCR in molecular diagnostics

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Banner Course

TATAA course ”Introduction to Real-time qPCR”

23rd September

Join the TATAA course ”Introduction to Real-time qPCR” with Dr Mikael Kubista in Bangalore, September 26Mikael Kubista

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The course is held in conjunction with Genomics and Proteomics Research 2013

Single cell interview

20th September

Interview with Philip Day on single cell transcript analyses

» Dive Into In-vivo Single Cell Transcript Analyses during Genomics Research Europe – An interview with Philip Day


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CTC Webcast

18th September

Webcast “Detection and Clinical Implications of Circulating Tumor Cells in Cancer Patients” by Klaus Pantel

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QuantStudio™ 3D Launch Tour 2013

16th September

Life Technologies digital PCR launch tour!

Copy number variation, rare mutant detection, reference-free qPCR — see what digital PCR can do for you!

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