Press release: TATAA and Bio-Rad

17th December

TATAA Biocenter Expands its Digital PCR offerings with Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR System

TATAA Biocenter, Europe´s leading provider of genomic services, is expanding its digital PCR offerings with Bio-Rad’s high-throughput QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR system (ddPCR™).

“Digital PCR is most important complement to qPCR and can be used for standardization, copy number variation, and rare mutation analysis,” said Dr. Mikael Kubista, founder and CEO of TATAA Biocenter. “We have previously adopted the OpenArray and BioMark digital PCR platforms from Life Technologies and Fluidigm, which offer simultaneous measurements of qPCR and highly specific and sensitive dPCR analysis; however, with Bio-Rad’s QX200 system we can now offer dPCR in high throughput, using a much larger number of partitions. This is major strengthening of our service and training offerings.”

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TATAA at Microgenomics

17th December

Join TATAA at Microgenomics 2014 in Paris, May 15-16. Preliminary program now available:

» Scientific Program

TATAA – Månadens företag

11th December

TATAA Biocenter utsett till Månadens företag av Kemivärlden!

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NGS seminar

3rd December

”Genetics and Genomics of Chronic, Degenerative Diseases” by Lars Bolund, BGI

Top 10

3rd December

The Scientist’s annual competition uncovered a bonanza of interesting technologies that made their way onto the market and into labs this year.

» The Scientist top 10 innovations 2013

LabTubeTV – Single Cell Profiling

3rd December

LabTube.TV “Single Cell Transcription Profiling to Better Understand Developmental Decisions”

» The TATAA GrandMaster PreAmp Mix for single cell profiling

» The Cellulyser for Single Cell RNA profiling

» The GenEx software for qPCR single cell data analysis

Ståhlberg et al., RT-qPCR work-flow for single-cell data analysis

Methods 59, 80-88. 2013

LabTube Webinar

2nd December

LabTube.TV “Microvesicle (exosome) RNA as Biomarkers for Disease” by Johan Skog

To develop a clinical test using microvesicle RNA, isolation of exosomes in a robust way that is easy, scalable, reproducible and allows for high-throughput processing in a clinical setting is critical. The RNA needs to be of high quality with markers that allow quality assessment of clinical samples. The use of exosomes is a great platform that enables longitudinal monitoring of a variety of mutations and transcript levels in tumors using qPCR, NGS and digital PCR.

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TATAA microRNA profiling services:

» Microarray miRNA analysis

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