Atlas of human gene expression

31st March

Fantom5 consortium releases broad atlas of human gene expression in primary cells, tissues and cell lines.

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CoolCell LX

28th March

Reproducible cell freezing for 1 mL or 2 mL cryogenic vials

CoolCell LX alcohol-free freezing container holds 12 1 mL or 2 mL cryogenic vials and provides a highly reproducible -1℃/minute freezing rate when used in a -80℃ freezer. No alcohol or fluids required!

Proven for use with stem cells, primary cells and cell lines.


  • Consistent -1˚C/minute freeze rate to all vials
  • Alcohol-free; no ongoing cost, maintenance or waste
  • Reproducible freezing profiles
  • 5-10 minute wait period between freeze runs (allows 2 freeze runs per day)
  • Optimal for pluripotent stem cell recovery

Save money and go green! If used regularly, CoolCell containers save you money over isopropanol-based freezing containers by eliminating alcohol purchase and hazardous waste disposal.

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CoolCell LX

TATAA publishes paper on genotyping

27th March

» Medium-high resolution electrochemical genotyping of HLA-DQ2/DQ8 for detection of predisposition to coeliac disease

Interview with Dr. Stephen Bustin

27th March

» ”Real-time PCR: Revisiting the Old and Introducing the New”

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TATAA publishes in Expert Reviews

25th March

» Read the publication –  The workflow of single cell profiling using qPCR (2014)

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XT Starter

21st March

Low profile, open platform ice-free cooler

XT Starter is an open platform cooler that keeps samples at a uniform 2°C for over 4 hours – without ice, batteries or electricity. XT Starter accommodates most CoolRack and CoolSink sample modules, making it a versatile and flexible tool for a variety of applications.

The low profile and small footprint make it ideal for use in the hood especially in keeping temperature sensitive solutions (e.g cryopreservatives, media, reagents etc) cold. The built-in 1-8º C Temperature Indicator provides visual assurance of operational temperature while working.

  • The core and sample module in combination ensure uniform well-to-well temperature throughout the cooling period regardless of sample position

XT Starter_complete

TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Kit

21st March

The novel TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Kit is a 4X concentrated fastmix which allows analysis of larger volumes of sample. This results in an ability to quantify rare target sequences in dilute samples.

TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Kit has been developed for fast and highly sensitive qRT-PCR of a wide range of RNA targets. It is optimized for use with conventional 5’ hydrolysis probes and allows for unbiased amplification of low copy transcripts in the presence of high copy reference genes.

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qPCR courses in Barcelona

18th March

Update your knowledge with two forthcoming qPCR training courses

Learn how appropriate statistics are selected and applied correctly to get the most out of your qPCR data by attending Professor Mikael Kubista’s short course.

The Statistical Analysis of Real-time PCR/Gene Expression Profiling with Real-time PCR two day training course will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on 12th & 13th May.

This course teaches statistical principles and tools that are used in qPCR data analysis, whilst also including practical computer based exercises to help you choose the correct analysis, as well as designing your experiment in the best way.

Also taking place in Barcelona, on 16th May, Jens Björkman’s Sample Extraction and Quality Control in qPCR short course will help you understand the MIQE guidelines, qPCR validation, and nucleic acid extraction.

Mikael Kubista_cropInstructor_Jens

Mikael Kubista (left) and Jens Björkman (right)



TATAA and MultiD launch GenEx 6

14th March

TATAA and MultiD launch GenEx 6

TATAA Biocenter, Europe´s leading provider of genomic services using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR), and MultiD Analyses, Europe’s prime software developer for the analysis of multivariate data, release GenEx version 6 for accurate analysis of qPCR data compliant with current Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines.

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TATAA publication in BioMed

13th March

TATAA publishes “Differential Gene Expression Profiling of Enriched Human Spermatogonia after Short- and Long-Term Culture”

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