Superbugs Ascending

29th April

TED talk “Superbugs Ascending” by Karl Klose

» TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Kit

» TATAA assay design and validation service

» GenEx Software for CLSI compliant qPCR analysis

Nature webcast

28th April

Join Nature webcast “Using digital PCR for next generation sequencing

» TATAA Digital PCR Services

96-plex protein profiling

24th April

96-plex protein profiling in serum published by TATAA partner Olink

» Homogenous 96-Plex PEA Immunoassay Exhibiting High Sensitivity, Specificity, and Excellent Scalability

» TATAA protein profiling services


Image is © Olink AB
and used with permission

qPCR Courses 2014

23rd April

Course registration is open!

TATAA Biocenter has been a real-time qPCR course provider for over 10 years and has trained thousands of satisfied researchers. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you!

We offer an extensive range of courses, both basic and advanced hands-on training, designed to ensure your competence is up to date within the area of qPCR.

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Top invention 2014

23rd April

Nominate the top 2014 invention to The Scientist!

The Scientist’s annual search for the best and brightest life science innovations is now open. Submit your new product or methodology today.

» Test the innovative ValidPrime for genomic DNA subtraction in expression profiling!

» Test the Cellulyser for wash-free mRNA profiling from small samples including single cells: 1-500 cells or 1 – 10 000 cells


CelluLyser Micro Workflow

Single-cell publication

16th April

TATAA publication “The workflow of single-cell expression profiling using quantitative real-time PCR” now 4th most downloaded paper in Expert Reviews of Molecular Dignostics!

» CelluLyser Micro Lysis and cDNA Syntesis Kit; optimized for gentle lysis and cDNA synthesis of 1-500 cells. It simplifies your workflow with a 1-tube protocol and improve yields and reproducibility

» TATAA PreAmp GrandMaster® Mix; excellent performance and affordable, the perfect choice for pre-amplification

» GenEx 6; the leading software for processing and analysis of qPCR data

TATAA opens in Germany!

10th April

We are opening in Germany! TATAA Biocenter, world leading organizer of hands-on training in molecular diagnostics and real-time quantitative PCR, opens in Saarbrücken. TATAA Biocenter was recognized last year by Frost & Sullivan for its Best-in-Class Services for Analyzing Genetic Material, and TATAA has the markets most complete product portfolio for optimization of and quality control in qPCR.

To celebrate we have exclusive offers to our German, Austrian and Swiss customers!

» TATAA Newsletter 2014-04-10


TATAA on eConferences

7th April

TATAA scientific presentations now available on eConferences!

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TATAA at Ulm University

4th April

Join Mikael Kubista’s talk at Ulm University on May 7 ”Single Cell Expression Profiling – New Insights into complex biology”

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Early-bird fee for Microgenomics 2014

4th April

The Deadline for the early-bird fee for Microgenomics 2014 is extended through April 15!

Do not miss Mikael Kubista’s talk ” Taking Expression Profiling to New Dimensions ”

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