CTC and prostate cancer

30th October

AR-V7 Linked to Targeted Therapy Resistance in Prostate Cancer

Using the AdnaGen Test Emmanuel S. Antonarakis team at John associated the androgen receptor splice variant 7 with resistance to therapies for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

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> Learn more about the AdnaGen test for CTCs


The Lab’s Expanding Role in Newborn Screening

22nd October

AACC seminar on ”The Lab’s Expanding Role in Newborn Screening”

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mamma och barn

Webinar – MicroRNAs: from profiles to biomarkers

15th October

Join the webinar “MicroRNAs: from profiles to biomarkers”

The webinar is presented by Toray and sponsored by Nature Methods.

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Information about TATAA microRNA profiling services with the Toray 3D-Gene platform

Ny metod kan minska djurförsök

7th October

Rapport i SVT om vävnadsregenerering: TATAA deltar i ett konsortium som stöds av Vinnova.

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Information om TATAA Biocenters profileringstjänster