Snabbare diagnostik av blodförgiftning

19th December

Snabbare diagnostik av blodförgiftning väntas rädda liv

Högskolan i Skövde och TATAA Biocenter utvecklar Snabbare diagnostik av blodförgiftning, vilket väntas rädda liv.

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Se även TATAAs icke invasiva test för fosterdiagnostik 

Noninvasive prenatal test for congenital deafness

19th December

Noninvasive prenatal test for congenital deafness – TATAAs partner BGI publishes in Nature´s Genetics in Medicine

BGI publication – prenatal test for congenital deafness 2014

Info on Non-Invasive Prenatal Tasting (NIPT) 

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TATAA receive grant for PhD student

17th December

TATAA and University of Göteborg receive grant for PhD student single cell microRNA profiling in breast cancer based on novel technology from TATAA Biocenter

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> Information about CelluLyser

> Information about TATAA PreAmp GrandMaster Mix

CelluLyser Micro Workflow

Lecture on qPCR data analysis

16th December

Excellent lecture on qPCR data analysis by Anders Bergkvist, Sigma-Aldrich

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> Information about GenEx – qPCR data analysis software

> TATAA courses on qPCR data analysis

Multi-template PCR

16th December

Review on Multi-template PCR published by a team with TATAA scientists

> Read the review – Multi-template polymerase chain reaction


PCR is a formidable and potent technology that serves as an indispensable tool in wide range of biological disciplines. However, due to the ease of use and often lack of rigorous standards many PCR applications can lead to highly variable, inaccurate, and ultimately meaningless results. Thus, rigorous method validation must precede its broad adoption to any new application. Multi-template samples possess particular features, which make their PCR analysis prone to artifacts and biases: multiple homologous templates present in copy numbers that vary within several orders of magnitude. Such conditions are a breeding ground for chimeras and heteroduplexes. Differences in template amplification efficiencies and template competition for reaction compounds undermine correct preservation of the original template ratio. In addition, the presence of inhibitors aggravates all of the above mentioned problems. Inhibitors might also have ambivalent effects on the different templates within the same sample. Yet, no standard approaches exist for monitoring inhibitory effects in multitemplate PCR, which is crucial for establishing compatibility between samples.

AdnaGen CTC tests

10th December

AdnaNews 2014-01

– News from the meeting on Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells (ACTC),

– Alere™ q-Analyzer for CTC

– AdnaTest EMT-2/StemCell and AdnaPanel BreastCancer results

– AdnaTest in recent publications

– Papers & Posters

– Conferences


Buy your own DNA Nobel medal

4th December

Dr. James D. Watson´s Nobel medal goes for sales on auction at Christie´s

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