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28th September

TATAA Biocenter Expands its real-time PCR offerings with the Mic from Bio Molecular Systems

Gothenburg. Sweden, and Upper Coomera, Australia, September 28, 2017

TATAA Biocenter, the world´s leading provider of hands-on training in molecular analyses, expands its qPCR instrument park with the Mic from Bio Molecular Systems. “People come from all around the world to TATAA for qPCR training and they expect getting chance to try out the best qPCR instruments there are. The Mic is certainly one of them and it will be most attractive option for those with space limitations. Also, with no moving parts, the Mic is essentially calibration free.” says Dr. Mikael Kubista, founder and CEO of TATAA Biocenter. TATAA Biocenter courses are arranged around the world supported by leading instrument and solution providers in molecular analyses. TATAA is also instrumental in quality control and standardization of molecular testing, being member of the European efforts SPIDIA ( and CANCER-ID ( standardizing the preanalytical steps and blood based analyses, respectively. “We are very proud of the collaboration with TATAA Biocenter. Now, users have the possibility to compare the Mic with traditional qPCR instruments and appreciate its advantages.”, says John Corbett, CEO of Bio Molecular Systems.

About TATAA Biocenter

TATAA Biocenter is world’s prime organizer of hands-on training in molecular diagnostics, Europe’s leading provider of nucleic acid analysis services, and Sweden’s most comprehensive distributor of products for quality control in nucleic acids testing. TATAA has the best equipped laboratories for qPCR based analysis in Europe, and provides full range of nucleic acids and protein analyses services using qPCR, dPCR, microarray and NGS to pharmaceutical and biotech companies in compliance with ISO 17025 standard. Founded in 2001, TATAA has facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden and Prague, Czech Republic. In 2013 TATAA was presented the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership as Best-in-Class Services for Analyzing Genetic Material.

About BIO Molecular Systems

Bio Molecular Systems (BMS) is a biotechnology company that designs, manufactures and distributes instrumentation for the life sciences. Established in 2010 and comprising of the founders and senior personnel from the former Corbett Life Sciences company, BMS has the expertise in developing innovative, versatile, robust, and easy-to-use products that generate strong customer loyalty. Our long-standing position in the biotech manufacturing sector enables us to establish a reputation for continuous and rapid in-house innovation and product evolution.
BMS has an R&D and manufacturing facility located within the Gold Coast area just 50 minutes south of the city of Brisbane (Queensland, Australia). Our facilities contain state of the art technology for both R&D engineering and manufacturing. We also have a second site in Sydney used to conduct all applications testing. By directly controlling all phases of production, we optimise quality control, minimise overhead costs and ensure the most rapid product development cycles.

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Comparison of WGA techniques for human single cell exome sequencing

22nd September

Comparison of WGA techniques for human single cell exome sequencing

Whole genome amplification (WGA) is currently a prerequisite for single cell whole genome or exome sequencing. Depending on the method used the rate of artifact formation, allelic dropout and sequence coverage over the genome may differ significantly.

TATAA Biocenter is a proud distributor of the MALBAC kits and are pleased too see that MALBAC had the highest fidelity for both exome coverage and variant calling!

“The largest difference between the evaluated protocols was observed when analyzing the target coverage and read depth distribution. These differences also had impact on the downstream variant calling. Conclusively, the products from the AMPLI1 and MALBAC kits were shown to be most similar to the bulk samples and are therefore recommended for WGA of single cells.”

> MALBAC Single Cell WGA Kit

Comparison of whole genome amplification techniques for human single cell exome sequencing
Erik Borgström, Marta Paterlini, Jeff E. Mold, Jonas Frisen, Joakim Lundeberg 
Published: February 16, 2017,