Assay design and validation

24th January

Improve performance with ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probes and gBlocks® Gene Fragments

TATAA Biocenter offers design and validation of optimal probe based qPCR assays and standards for calibration, using ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probes and gBlocks® Gene Fragments from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT). With our extensive knowledge and experience we help you to get the validated assays and standards you need to get better results, faster.

ZEN™ Internal QuencherZEN Distance

  • Improves sensitivity – increases the end point signal and reduces Cq values
  • Improves precision – reduces background fluorescence
  • Maximum quenching even for probes as long as 40 bases, due to the internal ZEN™ quencher
  • Choose from 5 dye options; FAM, HEX, TET, MAX, and JOE




Optional validation – gBlocks® Gene Fragmentsgenomic_DNA

Custom synthetic quantification standards – Know the absolute concentration of your standard by choosing validation with digital PCR

  • Each gBlock® Gene Fragment is sequence-verified
  • Sufficiently long (up to 750 bp) to mimic native template
  • Sufficiently short not to produce background

Price examples (SEK)

Assay Design only –
ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probes

Assay Validation only – gBlocks®




6 825

11 700

Per Assay

1 365

1 170




28 024

38 850

Per Assay

5 605

3 885