BioCision Products Featured in Nature’s Sample Prep Article

8th October

Keeping Temperature Under Control

In a run-down of new products on the market that lead to better sample preparation, BioCision’s CoolRack module was listed for its ability to “keep temperature under control.” This from an article, published on Nature’s Marketplace website last week[1]. The article listed eight companies including BioCision that are making clever innovations that help scientists do science better, with a focus on sample preparation.CoolRack

The article states:

Keeping Temperature Under Control

It can be a curious thing to see, but when placing equal volumes of frozen samples in a plate on ice, some wells start to thaw, while others remain frozen.

Studies performed by BioCision showed a temperature differential of wells in a plate to be as much as 4°C between wells in the center versus the edge. “Think of it as the Penguin effect for lab samples; just as the inside of a pack of huddling penguins is warmer than the outside, so are the inner wells of a plate. This temperature variation can potentially affect assay results and hinder reproducibility,” says Maria Thompson, Ph.D., VP of Scientific Affairs at BioCision.

BioCision’s CoolRack® modules provide a solid, sturdy interface between laboratory samples and temperature sources such as ice. The modules are made from a highly thermo-conductive alloy that ensures uniformity of sample temperature in all wells. The result is improved experimental outcomes. CoolRack modules can accommodate many different types of tubes, vials, and plate formats and are useful for any assay that requires temperature control, whether frozen, cooled or heated samples.

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