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30th January

The fastest way to understand the biological meaning of your expression data

TATAA Biocenter is a proud distributor of Ingenuity® iReportTM, a revolutionary new series of interactive web-based reports, optimized for gene expression experiments for researchers who need to understand RNA-Seq, microarray and real-time PCR data. iReport provides a fast and accurate biological and statistical analysis of your experimental data.

Compatible with TATAA’s GenEx Software

The GenEx Software enables you to import and pre-process your experimental data and saves it in an iReport compatible file, which can be imported directly into iReport without any additional steps. The GenEx software and iReport combines into an easy and fast way to handle and analyze your expression data!

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How Does iReport Work?

Ingenuity iReport takes raw expression data and transforms it into a customized, interactive report that clearly summarizes the aff­ected biology. It quickly provides you with a list of signi‑ficantly differentially expressed genes, along with easy, intuitive tools that helps you to better identify and understand interesting biological insights and connections.

  • Interactive: Ingenuity iReport provides interactive tools to help you visually organize and ‑filter your results, so you can quickly and e­ffectively narrow in on the biology most relevant to your own experimental data
  • Easy: Ingenuity iReport reduces data processing bottlenecks by providing a single source for statistical and biological analysis in one accessible step
  • Accurate: Ingenuity iReport leverages the Ingenuity® Knowledge Base, a manually reviewed repository of millions of biological and chemical fi‑ndings from peer reviewed literature and commonly used databases, so you can quickly relate known biology to your experimental results
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