CoolCell LX

28th March

Reproducible cell freezing for 1 mL or 2 mL cryogenic vials

CoolCell LX alcohol-free freezing container holds 12 1 mL or 2 mL cryogenic vials and provides a highly reproducible -1℃/minute freezing rate when used in a -80℃ freezer. No alcohol or fluids required!

Proven for use with stem cells, primary cells and cell lines.


  • Consistent -1˚C/minute freeze rate to all vials
  • Alcohol-free; no ongoing cost, maintenance or waste
  • Reproducible freezing profiles
  • 5-10 minute wait period between freeze runs (allows 2 freeze runs per day)
  • Optimal for pluripotent stem cell recovery

Save money and go green! If used regularly, CoolCell containers save you money over isopropanol-based freezing containers by eliminating alcohol purchase and hazardous waste disposal.

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CoolCell LX