Extraction and purification of RNA, miRNA, DNA, and protein

TATAA Biocenter has extensive experience of extraction of nucleic acids (miRNA, RNA, DNA) from various sample matrices and is the Swedish representative in the European consortium SPIDIA that develops guidelines for the preanalytical steps in biomolecular analysis.

Extracting nucleic acids of high quality is essential for any downstream analysis. Different sample matrices require different extraction procedures and our instrument park has several options for optimal and time-effective sample preparation.

At TATAA Genomics Core Facility all common and some specialized techniques are available to suit your particular needs. E.g. disrupt multiple biological samples with the TissueLyser, extract nucleic acids by using either magnetic beads, spin columns, automated processing systems etc.

Our facility in Göteborg:

Sample Preparation lab

Our facility at TATAA Biocenter Göteborg is divided into separate labs to prevent contamination. Nucleic acids are extracted in the Sample Preparation lab, and also tested for quality and quantity. When there is a risk for hazardous fumes the Air Curtain Cabinet can be used. This lab contains several systems for nucleic acid extractions as well as for quality and quantity testing. General lab equipment include two heating blocks, centrifuges and a vortex.

Instruments – Extraction and purification of RNA, miRNA, DNA, and protein

Air Curtain Cabinet
When extracting nucleic acids with volatile compounds at TATAA Biocenter the work is performed in an air curtain cabinet to avoid breathing in the fumes. The cabinet uses dual air curtain technology creating a rotation of the air mass inside the cabinet, preventing the fumes from escaping. It also gives the operator the freedom of an open front cabinet to work in.

KingFisher Flex 96

Using a 96 plate format, KingFisher 96 provides the fastest and easiest way to purify genomic DNA or RNA and proteins from a variety of sample material. Supplied with readymade protocols, Kingfisher 96 also allows you to create your own custom made protocols for special applications.

The processing speed of KingFisher systems is unparalleled in the market and stems from their advanced magnetic particle processing technology. This uses magnetic rods to move sample particles through the various purification phases. Eliminating liquid handling and increasing automation results in a reliable and robust technique. King-Fisher 96 can purify 96 samples in 15-30 minutes.

Qiagen TissueLyser
The TissueLyser disrupts multiple biological samples through high-speed shaking in plastic tubes with stainless steel, tungsten carbide, or glass beads. Up to 48 samples can be processed at the same time. The instrument at TATAA is often used for efficient homogenization for tissue samples.

Sigma 1-14 centrifuge – for spin columns
This high speed small-footprint microlitre centrifuge is suited for centrifuging 24x 1.5/2 ml tubes, great to use during extraction with spin columns. The acceleration and deceleration times are short. The maximum spin is 14 800 rpm/16 162 x g. It is easy to handle with big buttons and bright LCD display.

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