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Torays 3D-Gene™
The 3D-Gene™ technology provides a new dimension in mRNA and miRNA microarray sensitivity and reproducibility.

3D-Gene™ DNA chips utilize patented resin slides to minimize background noise and microbead agitation technology to improve hybridization. It’s unique 3D micro column structure define each spot to 100 µm in diameter for increased accuracy. It ensures a 100-fold increase in sensitivity and is ideal for challenging samples and low abundance targets. 3D-Gene™ is thus ideal for analyses of formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.

This innovative technology also makes it possible to measure genes expressed at very low levels that might be undetected by other array platforms on the market.

3D-Gene™ Human miRNA chips are constructed using the latest information available from the Wellcome Trust Sanger institute / University of Manchester miRNA database (miRBase).