Normalization and cDNA synthesis

Convert your RNA into cDNA for real-time PCR analysis with reverse transcription (RT). TATAA has several instruments for cDNA synthesis for a fast and efficient workflow. Our experts, who laid the ground for all optimization protocols of reverse transcription (Clinical Chemistry 50:3 509–515, 2004), will gladly advise you in the optimization of your protocols.

To avoid variations in the amounts of sample used for the RT, you can use our automated pipetting systems for highly accurate sample and liquid handling.


PCR lab

In the PCR lab all PCR reactions are set up. Samples are diluted, templates and mastermixes are mixed and transferred to plates, strips, tubes etc. This is the lab where normalization, cDNA synthesis and real-time PCR is performed. In addition to several automated liquid handling systems and the real-time PCR instruments, general equipment include centrifuges, vortexes and a heatsealer.

Instruments – Normalization and cDNA synthesis

Liquid handling

Corbett Robotics CAS-1200
CAS-1200 pipetting station allows you to rapidly and reliably perform your pipetting automatically, preventing human mistakes. The station uses a single-channel pipette to automate PCR setup, e.g. distribute mastermixes and add samples. Up to 96 PCR reactions can be set up in approximately 30 minutes.

The instrument worktable is set up with a Master Mix Block, a Reagent Block, tips, and plates/tubes. Conductive tips enable high-precision pipetting with liquid level sensing. The software, which is operated on a PC next to the robot, is easy to learn and use. During the run the position of the pipetting head is highlighted on the screen as it moves, allowing the progress of a run to be followed in real-time. A feature that allows samples concentrations to be imported to the software directly from a text file is excellent when normalizing RNA or DNA concentrations. Other helpful features can be used when performing serial dilutions with variable dilution ratios or optimizing assays.

Eppendorf epMotion 5070
The Eppendorf epMotion 5070 is an automated pipetting system which enables fast and reproducible liquid handling by pipetting and dispensing. Pipetting protocols previously carried out manually can easily and quickly be transferred to the epMotion 5070 workstation. The workstation is programmed using an integrated control panel. By prompting the user to carry out necessary actions, programs are easy to follow and understand. The epMotion 5070 workstation enable quick filling of plates e.g. in the 384-well format. Optical sensors control and ensure the reliability of the procedure.

Temperature cycling

For cDNA synthesis we use temperature cycling by our real-time PCR instruments. Please visit Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) analysis to view these instruments.