GenEx 6 released!

10th March

The most powerful qPCR analysis software so far. GenEx 6 is the first qPCR analysis software that offers CLSI compliant analysis requested by regulatory bodies.Genex Pro

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For absolute quantification GenEx 6 analysis includes:

  • Estimating PCR efficiency from standard curve, including confidence interval
  • Testing for outliers in a qPCR standard curve
  • Testing for linear model in a qPCR standard curve
  • Testing for dynamic range in a qPCR standard curveGenEx std curve
  • Estimating random error of a qPCR standard curve
  • Estimating limit of detection including confidence interval of a qPCR assay/test
  • Estimating limit of quantification of a qPCR assay/test
  • Estimating concentrations including confidence intervals of unknowns based on qPCR standard curve
  • Evaluation of Precision of a qPCR assay/test
  • Verification of precision of a qPCR assay/test

For expression profiling GenEx 6 offers:

  • Compensation for genomic DNA background (using either RT- controls or ValidPrime)
  • Handling of missing dataGenEx PCA
  • Parametric and non-parametric tests
  • Correction for multi-testing
  • Mean centering and autoscaling for multivariate analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Hierarchical Clustering and heatmaps
  • Self-Organizing Map (SOM)
  • Variable selection to identify most importnt genes with Dynamic PCA

For diagnostics GenEx 6 offers:GenEx survival analysis

  • Survival analysis
  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
  • Support Vector Machines (SVN)
  • Potential curves


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