Midsummer Offer – GrandMaster

22nd June

Do you know where you have your primers?

Midsummer Offer – Buy GrandMaster and receive assay design and validation for 150 €!*

Original MIQE guidelines required primer disclosure, because the exact location of primers in a PCR reaction is critical. If a primer targets a sequence with variation the assay may not perform in certain samples. Many of the assays deposited in databases, published in literature and even offered commercially where developed a long time ago, when information about sequence variation was scarce.

So, even if the assays where designed according to best principles they may not perform to expectations. To check the design using updated sequence information requires knowing the primer sequence. However, most commercial assays do not disclose those and provide only a context sequence in compliance with the primer sequence disclosure added to the MIQE guidelines to satisfy industry requirements.

Further, most assays were designed for use on classical samples, where the amount of material is plenty. They perform well on those samples, but are frequently not robust and specific enough for use on more challenging samples, such as single cells and multiplex assays.

Therefore, at TATAA, we always design and validate our own assays and assays for our customers. Our validations are stringent and include estimating PCR efficiency including confidence interval, dynamic range, linearity, repeatability and Limit of Quantification. For diagnostic assays, we also include Limit of Detection including confidence interval and, when necessary, cross reactivity and robustness. Of course, all assays are validated to produce a single product and that side products such as primer dimers are negligible. One example of validation is available on Labroot.

We want you to be successful too!

In Sweden Midsummer is a major holiday, with dancing like frogs around an up-side down ancient symbol.

At TATAA we celebrate Midsummer by offering all customers that order a TATAA GrandMaster mix assay design and validation from only 150 €* through our partner!

Place your order today and you will receive an order form for the design!

*Midsummer offer valid until July 30, 2017. Design includes validation based on standard curve estimating PCR efficiency incl., confidence interval, dynamic range, R2, and LoQ. Melt curve analysis is performed to validate a single product. NTC is run to validate negligible primer dimer formation. The design and validation is done by our partner GeneCore at BIOCEV.