New LightCycler® 96 from Roche

11th September

TATAA tests new LightCycler® 96 from Roche

“The biological difference in expression than can be measured by qPCR is limited by the confounding variation of the experiment. It is therefore critical in any study to minimize the confounding variation. Confounding variation has several contributions, one of which is the qPCR instrument repeatability. It is great news that Roche with the LC96 sets new standard of qPCR instrument repeatability guaranteeing impression less than 0.20 cycles. Our lab has verified that the standard deviation of technical replicates of our LC96 is indeed even less than 0.1 cycles. This is reassuring that the qPCR instrument will hardly ever be the confounding factor in our qPCR experiments. “

Prof. Dr. Mikael Kubista, Ph.D. (Laboratoř genové exprese BTÚ AVČR, v.v.i a TATAA Biocenter)

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