Non-magnetic cell isolation

11th October

A unique non-magnetic cell isolation technology for targets from a wide spectrum of biological fluids

You need a pure cell or protein population for your experiments? You like to get your targets fast and want a fuss-free isolation system?

TATAA is proud to distribute pluriBead, a unique cell separation technology developed by pluriSelect. It works without any magnetic components or centrifugation steps, it is fast and reduces cell stress and maximizes yield and vitality. The procedure is simple: You sieve your pluriBeads (with bound target cells) down a strainer – the pluriBeads with your target cells stay on top, the unwanted cells run through. After detaching, you have your target cells ready.

Application examples

  • Isolate single cells from cell suspensions
  • Isolate single cells directly from unprocessed whole blood
  • Nucleic acid isolation within minutes
  • Protein isolation within minutes
  • Multi target isolation via cascade sieving or via step-by-step separation

» pluriBead® Kits Human

» pluriBead® Kits Mouse

» pluriBead® Kits Universal

» pluriPlix® Universal rotation mixer


pluriBead_Single target isolation scheme

1. Raw material

A – pluriBeads®, larger than the cells, with a target specific surface coating.

B – Sample material (whole blood, buffy coat or tissue) with targets.

2. Incubation

Sample and beads are mixed and incubated at room temperature for 10-30 min on a roller mixer or pluriPlix. The target cells will bind to the beads.

3. Isolation

The bead bound target cells are isolated from the sample material with pluriStrainer. Bound targets remain on the pluriStrainer (A), while unwanted cells run though (B).

4-5. Detachment and separation

Target cells are detached from the beads with a detachment buffer directly on the strainer. The depleted beads remain on the strainer (A). The isolated targets are washed into the tube (B).