Stem cells from ovaries

4th March

Stem cells isolated from ovaries of infertile women with non-functional ovaries can be developed into oocyte precursors

TATAA publishes single cell expression profiling study of human oocytes

» BioMed Research International (2013)

Now a research team under the leadership of Dr Irma Virant Klun at University Medical Centre in Ljubljana in collaboration with Dr Thomas Skutella at University of Heidelberg and TATAA Biocenter in Göteborg have been successful collecting cells from ovaries of infertile women with premature ovarian failure, grow these in culture under advantages conditions, and, using powerful single cell expression profiling technology, identify among those cells with distinct stem cell and some oocyte-like features. The results are being published in BioMed Research International.

“We are very excited about these finding”, says Irma Virant Klun, “Maybe it is major step towards regaining fertility in the future for a large number of women that today don’t have their own oocytes and cannot get children”. “It is very rewarding to see the first potential clinical applications of the single cell qPCR profiling technique we developed in 2005”, says Dr Mikael Kubista, CEO and founder of the TATAA Biocenter.

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