Protein profiling service offer

6th May

Next Generation High-Throughput Protein Profiling

We provide next generation high-throughput protein profiling with the proximity extension assay (PEA) technology, developed by Olink Bioscience. For the first time it is possible to do high capacity quantification of 92 cancer-related protein biomarkers in 96 samples in a single run.

With only 1 µl sample consumption this method is especially suitable for biomarker studies in precious samples from serum, plasma, tissue etc.


  • Protein expression and pathway analysis using Proseek® Multiplex Oncology I 96×96
    • High-throughput quantification of 92 cancer-related protein biomarkers in 96 samples simultaneously, generating 9,216 data points
    • Data analysis

TATAA Offer – Protein Profiling

Only 75 EUR per sample!



Image is © Olink AB
and used with permission


Welcome to a new world of scalable immunoassays

Biomarker studies which were previously limited by poor assay sensitivity, low throughput systems and insufficient sample amount are now feasible in a simple and efficient way.

Conventional immunoassays have been unable to scale due to increasing antibody cross-reactivity but TATAA Biocenter offers a truly scalable method that generates high quality data even in highly multiplexed formats and the opportunities are enormous for powerful analysis of multivariate biomarker patterns.

The quantification is performed using the Fluidigm BioMark™ HD Real-time PCR Platform and generates 9,216 data points in a single run.

  • Discover novel expression patterns of 92 protein biomarkers in precious biological materials
  • Growth factors, inflammatory markers, soluble receptors etc.
  • Go from single to multiplex without compromising the analytical performance

Contact and more information

To learn more about our Protein Profiling Service and the biomarkers included in Proseek® Multiplex Oncology I 96×96, please visit our website

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♦Price offer only for Academics when analyzing 92 samples simultaneously. The price offer is valid for order confirmations until 1 July 2013 and if projects are analysed until October 31. For smaller batch sizes there might be a waiting period. Basic data analysis is included.

Proseek is a trademark of Olink AB. Proseek® Multiplex is for research use only. Not for use in human diagnostics or therapeutic procedures. Proseek® Multiplex is sold under license from PHRI Properties, Inc., and may be used under the PHRI Properties patent rights outside the field of human in vitro diagnostics.