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Reference gene panel – Find the Most Stable Reference Genes with TATAA Biocenter’s Reference Gene Panels

The reference gene panels are panels of potential reference genes to help you find the optimal reference genes for your conditions. With the GenEx Standard software you can easily determine the most constantly expressed genes (1 year license for first time users is included). When the optimal reference genes for your study has been determined, those genes can be ordered individually. The short assay includes 9 reference genes with shorter amplicons designed to work even on partly degraded material. The panels are available for probe- and SYBR based systems.

Reference Gene Panel, 12 assays for human, mouse or rat (from €395)

Reference Gene Panes – Short, 9 Assays for Human (from €395) – NEW

ValidPrime – Detects and corrects for genomic DNA in your samples – and replaces the no RT(-) Controls

ValidPrime replaces the need to perform no reverse transcriptase (RT(-)) controls to test for the presence of genomic DNA (gDNA) for all samples in your real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) profiling. Just add the ValidPrime assay to the list of assays and the gDNA control to the list of samples, and run. ValidPrime will minimize the amount of control reactions and hence your costs as well as your efforts. ValidPrime is available for probe- and SYBR based systems, for human, mouse and vertebrate.

ValidPrime (from €159)

Interplate Calibrator – The TATAA Interplate Calibrator (IPC) makes it possible for you to compensate for variations between qPCR runs

For practical reasons many qPCR studies involve the use of samples that are processed in more than a single batch or in which the sample set is extended over time. Even over a short time period, variation between qPCR processing runs is observed due to different baseline subtractions and threshold settings. TATAA Interplate Calibrator is available for probe- and SYBR based systems.

TATAA Interplate Calibrator (from €195)

TATAA ΔAmp Quality Assay – A new molecular method to assess RNA integrity with qPCR

By using paired qPCR assays that produce amplicons of different lengths from the same target the quality of the RNA can be evaluated. In intact mRNA the Cq’s of the short and long amplicons are virtually the same, while for fragmented RNA the Cq of the longer amplicon is increased relative to that of the shorter. The TATAA DeltaAmp Quality Assays consist of short, medium and long qPCR assays that have a common reverse primer for three different targets; Beta-2-Microglobulin (B2M), 18S rRNA (18S) and an Endogenous RNase Resistant marker (ERR).

TATAA ΔAmp Quality assay (from €180) – NEW

TATAA Universal RNA and DNA Spikes – Control for inhibition in the RT-PCR reaction or in the qPCR reaction

Validation using the Universal RNA or DNA Spike is effective, easy to perform, and provides an important additional assurance that both the pre-analytical and analytical phases of your experiment are valid. The measured Cq value and the shape of the amplification curve reflect inhibition and/or losses during extraction, handling, transport and storage of samples. If the Cq value is higher in an experimental sample than in the control sample the experimental sample contains inhibitors and should be reanalyzed for correct biological interpretation.

TATAA Universal RNA Spike I (from €195)

TATAA Universal DNA Spike I(from €195)

BOXTO – Control for Primer Dimers in Probe based qPCR assays

BOXTO shows a strong fluorescence increase when bound to dsDNA and can be detected on the JOE channel. Use as an unspecific dye for qPCR and in combination with any FAM-labeled probe.

BOXTO (from €209)

VisiBlue™ – qPCR Mix Colorant

The VisiBlue™ qPCR mix colorant enables you to quickly color your favourite qPCR mastermix to easily visualize where the reagent has been added to your plates and tubes. By a simple addition to your mastermix, VisiBlue™ is very easy to use.

VisiBlue (from €95)

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