TATAA Biocenter and Lexogen announce strategic partnership to distribute Lexogen’s NGS products

26th April

TATAA Biocenter also to introduce Lexogen’s library preparation technologies in its
popular NGS training Courses

Göteborg, Sweden, and Vienna, Austria, 26th April 2016 – Lexogen, an Austrian company
specializing in sample preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS), announces their
partnership with TATAA Biocenter, the world´s foremost organizer of hands-on training in
molecular diagnostics and Europe´s leading provider of genomic services. This strategic
partnership will expand both Lexogen’s and TATAA’s presence in Europe through TATAA
Biocenter’s distribution and support of Lexogen’s NGS products in Sweden, Denmark, Norway,
Germany, Austria, France, Luxemburg, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. TATAA will also
incorporate Lexogen’s NGS products in their popular NGS training courses offered throughout the
year in various European locations.

Kristina Lind, Coordinator of TATAA Biocenter’s hands-on training program, stated, “We always
seek collaboration with the best solution providers for our training courses and Lexogen are top of
the class for NGS library preparations.” Mikael Kubista, President of TATAA Biocenter, added,
Our customers request professional tools for the entire NGS workflow from sample preparation
and quality control to library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis. With Lexogen´s library
construction kits, we can help our customers performing transcription analysis with RNA
sequencing at much greater accuracy, reduced cost and higher quality.”

This strategic partnership helps expand the utility of Lexogen’s NGS sample products into key
applications, such as transcription analysis, for European end-users. Jekaterina Aleksejeva, Global
Marketing Manager at Lexogen, stated, “We are pleased to be partnering with an elite organization
like TATAA Biocenter and to have an opportunity to train end users on the value of our
differentiated product lines. Enabling researchers to gain valuable information about global gene
expression from precious samples is at the core of our organization and working with TATAA will
help us to deliver valuable RNA analysis tools to more individuals.”

About TATAA Biocenter
TATAA Biocenter is the world’s largest organizer of hands-on training in molecular analyses,
Europe’s leading provider of nucleic acid analysis services, and Sweden’s most comprehensive
distributor of products for nucleic acids analysis. TATAA Biocenter offers hands-on training in all
aspects of molecular analyses, biomarker research, and validation from experimental design,
sample preparation, quality control, analysis and modelling. Through its laboratories in Göteborg,
Sweden, and Prague, Czech Republic, and sales office in Saarbrucken, Germany, TATAA
Biocenter supports its clients with products for a full range of nucleic acid and protein analyses and
services in compliance with ISO17025 standard. In 2013 TATAA Biocenter was presented the
Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership as Best-in-Class Services for Analyzing
Genetic Material.  Contact us on services@tataa.com.

About Lexogen
Lexogen is a biotech company with unique proprietary RNA-Seq technologies which enable in-depth analysis of complete transcriptome. Lexogen’s technologies utilize conventional next generation sequencing methods to maximize the efficiency, to diversify the applications, and to streamline for higher processivity of RNA analysis. Its product portfolio covers an entire RNA-Seq pipeline from RNA purification and enrichment, sequencing library preparation, to the data analysis. Lexogen is based in Vienna, Austria and has a subsidiary office in New Hampshire, USA.


Contact for Lexogen:
Jekaterina Aleksejeva
+43 1345 1212

Contact for TATAA Biocenter:
Johanna Nilsson
TATAA Biocenter
+46 31 7615705