TATAA Biocenter named “Best Nucleic Acid Analysis Service Provider in Europe” by Global Health & Pharma

18th March

Global Health & Pharma, a British information platform supporting a community of over 250,000 in the health, veterinary and environmental areas, has named Swedish service provider TATAA Biocenter AB “Best Nucleic Acid Analysis Service Provider in Europe”.

“We are excited at being the no.1 service provider in Europe. This shows our focus on delivering highest quality results based on careful optimization and quality control combined with our unique offerings based on proprietary technologies when extra sensitivity and specificity is required is paying off.” says Mikael Kubista, CEO and founder of TATAA Biocenter.

TATAA Biocenter has developed Two-Tailed PCR technology, which compared to classical PCR, offers higher sensitivity and specificity analyzing short nucleic acids, such as microRNAs, circulating cell-free DNA, and partially degraded material such as formalin fixed paraffine embedded (FFPE) tissues, archeological and forensic specimen. It also offers advantages for genotyping. Other services are provided based on solutions from TATAA Biocenter’s partners, including Analytic Jena, Arbor Biosciences, ArcticZymes, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad, Brooks, Fluidigm, Gilson, HTG Molecular, Illumina, Lexogen, Loop Genomics, Norgen Biotek, Olink, Roche, Stilla, Swift Biosciences, Thermo Fisher, and Yikon Genomics.

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